EEEEK. It’s happening.
Here we are.

This passion we have of photography can be a wild ride. A wild, but beautiful ride. 

Here’s where you’ll find my gear and also my favorite Amazon finds for photography! 

Shop my Amazon gear list: 

You’ll be added to a private Facebook group where you can forever ask questions for advice or any support if and when ya need! :)  AHHH, SO GRAB YOUR CAMERA AND LETS DO THIS THING! 

Oh and by the way the fact that you clicked on this means the world to me! I get this may not be the investment for you right now, or so you may think! 

Feel free to fill out my contact form because I truly want to hear your story, get to know you, your business and ALL of it. and I’d be more than happy to create a payment plan if needed.

+$300 for a 1 hour zoom call covering allllll and I mean ALLL questions you have. 

+$400 for a 1 hour coffee date (my fav) while we bring our computers I answer ALL questions and can help you hands on with HoneyBook, Lightroom, Emails, CANVA 

+$650 for 2.5 hours together 1 hour will be shooting alongside each other and then we will spend the other half editing together / answering alllll questions you may have.


The Good Stuff